Raiders break ground on new stadium in Las Vegas

The Raiders have taken the next step in their move to Las Vegas.

The Raiders’ relocation to Las Vegas was approved by NFL owners in March after 31 of the 32 owners voted in favor of the move. The final piece of the funding puzzle for the $1.9 billion stadium fell into place last month when the Nevada Assembly and Senate approved a room tax increase designed to raise $750 million for construction.

Green went way off Sunday, to be sure, so far that after he got a completely justified ejection, he still had to be restrained by coach Marvin Lewis, then escorted to the locker room by a staffer as he continued to shout, glare and point at everyone on the field.

Now, of course, none of that might be traced to the state of the franchise, and after the game, Lewis only hinted at a reason. Green apologized to his teammates in the locker room, he said; he also apologized when talking to reporters.

Did it ever get to him. You seriously wonder if, all things considered, Green is owed an apology, instead, from his chronically dysfunctional organization. If Green simply cracked over this mess of a season, whoblame him?

There’s no certainty that Blaine Gabbert, despite playing well in Sunday’s loss to the Texans, will start next week against Jacksonville, leaving open the possibility that Drew Stanton could regain the starting job while Matt Barkley waits in the wings. Even though Stanton beat San Francisco in Week 9, Gabbert has shown more long-term promise than Stanton for a franchise that’s in need of long-term stability at quarterback. There’s also the possibility that Carson Palmer could come back for the last two weeks of the season. The cast is off his broken left arm. While Gabbert’s talent is evident and readily available, the entire situation is still murky for Arizona. — Josh Weinfuss